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Say goodbye to pipeline anxiety with fully automated qualified pipeline generation

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About UserGems

UserGems helps sales and marketing teams achieve their aggressive revenue targets with less stress and more qualified pipeline.

For sales, UserGems delivers qualified pipeline every month so reps book more calls, find warmer introductions, and close deals faster.

For marketing, UserGems captures every key unknown contact in target accounts and automates high-performing playbooks so that no opportunity is overlooked.

  • Turn tedious manual tasks into automated playbooks
  • Tap into your existing relationships to generate new pipeline
  • Achieve your revenue goals with fewer resources, less time, and less stress
“We had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise. We also identified current clients where our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable!”
Dwight Richards, VP of Sales & Client Success at iWave

UserGems and LeanData

Orchestrate personalized plays around your most valued buyers’ job movements to accelerate pipeline and increase revenue.

Never miss the opportunity to reconnect with past customers when they change jobs. Accelerate revenue growth by linking UserGems’ contact tracking feature with LeanData’s revenue orchestration platform. Trigger leads and/or contacts when you are notified of job changes through UserGems. Users can route them to the right rep, reach out to the customers at the right time, and maintain the customer relationship you’ve already built.

Available in LeanData Lead & Contact Router.


  • Automate Contact Tracking and Action

Use cases

  • Accelerate Lead Qualification

    If a UserGems-tracked Lead matches an Account that fits your ideal customer profile (ICP), automatically convert the Lead and assign it to the right rep.

  • Drive Repeat Business

    Automatically route past buyers to the right rep, with tailored notifications detailing a contact’s previous history, along with their new role, title, and company. Take it one step further by tailoring personalized sequences/cadences to past prospects and customers, and automatically adding them to your sales engagement platform (Outreach, Salesloft, Sales Engagement).

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