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Salesloft helps thousands of the world’s most successful selling teams drive more revenue with the Modern Revenue Workspace™.

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About Salesloft

Salesloft is the provider of the leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ by Salesloft is the one place for sellers to execute all of their digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do next, and get the coaching and insights they need to win. Thousands of the world’s most successful sales teams, like those at IBM, Shopify, Square, and Cisco, drive more revenue with Salesloft. For more information visit

Salesloft and LeanData

LeanData ensures a consistently prompt response from your sales team. Salesloft then enables sales reps to drive all 1-to-1 engagements with prospects and customers over emails, calls, or social media touches – all on one platform. This makes the day-to-day activities of reps more organized, systematic, and measurable.


  • Less Clicks, More Calls with Automatic Enrollment in SalesLoft Sales Cadences Directly from LeanData
  • Improve the Buyer Experience by Providing Sellers More Context and Guidance to the Next Best Engagement
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