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Make every rep more productive. The Outreach Sales Execution Platform helps you generate more pipeline and win more deals with less effort.

Sales Engagement
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About Outreach

Outreach, the first and only Sales Execution Platform, helps revenue teams bring intelligence to workflows, unlock full visibility across the entire revenue cycle, and commit their forecasts with confidence.

Outreach is the only solution provider to integrate sales engagement, conversation intelligence, and revenue intelligence into one platform. The only sales engagement and intelligence platform to make the Forbes Cloud 100, Outreach was also the fastest-growing vendor in the category on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

More than 5,300 companies such as Adobe, Tableau, Okta, Splunk, DocuSign, and SAP depend on Outreach's enterprise-scale, unparalleled customer adoption, and robust AI-powered innovation. Outreach is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington.

Outreach has created a job as a sales leader that is: you lead with data, you coach with data, and you use data to get the leading indicators to understand the health of your business.
Lesley Young, VP oF Global Sales at Segment

Outreach and LeanData


Sales teams must manually engage prospects in a timely and error- free fashion. Yet due to the tedious nature of this work, teams often delay or forget to do so entirely, resulting in increased customer acquisition costs, a reduced likelihood of prospects converting, and a negative buyer experience. 


LeanData’s integration with Outreach allows a user to route a prospect to the right rep with the appropriate context and then immediately queue the prospect for automated engagement. By enabling immediate outbound engagement, sales teams can strengthen prospect engagement, improve time-to-revenue, and increase prospect conversion rates.

How It Works

Flowbuilder, LeanData’s visual routing tool, makes it easy to determine which prospects to include in a specific Outreach Sequence as well as from which rep a customer should receive the automated messaging from. 

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