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Eliminate "Lead Chasing" With Scheduling AI

Enablement, Sales Engagement, Scheduling
LeanData Integration, Associate Partner

Developed by: LeanData

About Kronologic

Kronologic automates the sending of tailored calendar invitations and uses AI to handle the busy work of negotiating meeting details in order to orchestrate business meetings at scale.

Kronologic and LeanData

Automatically negotiate meeting times at scale, so your reps never drop an opportunity.

No more back and forth negotiating availability! Pair Kronologic’s AI Scheduling assistant with LeanData’s logic engine to set up meetings with your prospects without your reps lifting a finger. Use LeanData to assess whether a prospect is ready and interested in a meeting based on their campaign engagement, route them to the right rep, and then fire Kronologic to reach out to that prospect on your rep’s behalf. No manual intervention is needed! Thanks to Kronologic’s Salesforce integration, LeanData can determine the right rep for a Lead or Contact, assess whether they’re ready for a meeting, and then stamp a field update on the Lead/Contact that will trigger Kronologic’s Scheduling AI. Kronologic will then take over and negotiate the best available time slot to set up a meeting for both parties.

Available in LeanData's Lead & Contact Router.


  • Automatically negotiate meeting times at scale, so your reps never drop an opportunity.

Use cases

  • Speed-to-Meeting

    Eliminate time spent chasing leads by instantly routing hand-raisers to the right rep and triggering Kronologic’s AI to send personalized calendar invites, follow-up emails, and negotiate any scheduling conflicts.

  • Campaign Follow-Up

    Route all engaged campaign members from a recent industry event, webinar, or tradeshow to the right sales rep, then trigger Kronologic to set up a personalized meeting.

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