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Clean up Salesforce and have data you trust. From deduping to importing to migration, Cloudingo makes it super easy to manage your customer data.

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Developed by: Symphonic Source Inc.

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About Cloudingo

Customer data that doesn’t make sense, duplicate records, reports that are a little… off. Sound familiar?

Salesforce is great for managing customers. But it misses the mark when it comes to data quality. Merging dupes one-by-one, native solutions, custom code, and spreadsheets can only go so far.

That’s why Cloudingo was created — to speed up your workflows, give you more power, and to knock out the chaos caused by poor data.

With Cloudingo you can:

  • Find and merge duplicate records in bulk using customizable filters
  • Import data to Salesforce with ease without creating more duplicates
  • Schedule Cloudingo to run in the background, ensuring your data is always clean
  • Find and compare data from spreadsheets to corresponding data in Salesforce
  • Update and delete records in mass
  • Modify large sets of data to reassign records, update missing data points, and standardize data
  • Clean and integrate outside data sources with Salesforce
  • And so much more

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I've been using this tool for around 2 months and have fixed countless thousands of duplicate records. The dashboard filters/automations have been working flawlessly. I wish we had known about and invested in this tool from the start. Really essential tool for an SF Admin!
Sean McGrath, Managing Director at Digital Marketing Institute

Cloudingo and LeanData

LeanData in partnership with Cloudingo offers an end-to-end data quality solution. LeanData's Revenue Orchestration Platform is only as good as the underlying data itself. Cloudingo's dedupe and data management solutions keep that data at its peak.


  • Create and customize filters
  • Tell Cloudingo how records should be merged
  • Manually, automatically, or merge records in bulk
  • Upload clean data
  • Schduled Cloudingo run in the background
  • Clean and sync outside datasets with Salesforce

Use cases

  • Eliminate Duplicate Data

    Identify duplicate records based on field value matches and automatically merge them into a single record while keeping notes, attachments, activities, and other related data. Your data will be a cleaner, more effective, and more reliable resource.

  • Check and Confirm Data Before Importing/Uploading

    Scan incoming data from spreadsheets or via auto-inserts against existing data. Update matching existing records, and only insert new unique records.

  • Manage Data

    Easily and quickly mass update, delete, verify, and standardize data with a simple filter system to report on data and take action.

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