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Clearbit helps companies grow faster and smarter with real-time marketing intelligence. Discover, engage and convert your most valuable customers — all from one flexible go-to-market foundation.

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About Clearbit

Let's put your data to work

Clearbit's Data Activation Platform gives you a complete view of your market, prospects, and customers. Reach and engage target audiences, build personalized buyer journeys, and act instantly on intent signals across the customer lifecycle.

Know your market, pinpoint your buyer

Combine Clearbit's complete market view with the data from all your existing go-to-market systems to define and activate your Ideal Customer Profile. Focus your funnel, team, and workflows on your highest-value prospects.

Create and convert demand, across any channel

Turn prospects into customers with precise advertising and email campaigns. Build target audiences using website intent signals and 100+ B2B attributes, identify high-fit accounts browsing your site, and personalize every interaction.

Accelerate revenue with smarter systems

Enrich your CRM, marketing automation, and ABM tools with fresh, reliable company and contact data, and website intent signals.

Clearbit and LeanData

Instant orchestration backed by real-time data

For revenue and operation teams using data enrichment, LeanData’s Clearbit integration drives faster speed-to-lead and better sales efficiency, by automatically routing Salesforce records to the right rep as soon as they are enriched. Unlike simple assignment tools and all-in-one platforms, LeanData eliminates the need to pause routing for enrichment, enabling revenue teams to immediately act on complete data with real-time information provided by their trusted enrichment vendor.


  • Orchestrate real-time data to turn buyer signals into buying decisions

Use cases

  • Speed-to-Lead

    Accelerate speed-to-lead by triggering lead and contact assignment as soon as enrichment is complete. Instantly get hot inbound leads and contacts to the right rep, with complete information to guide their next best action.

  • Maximize Rep Efficiency

    Eliminate time wasted on manual prospect research and data triage. Ensure your reps are always armed with accurate information for their outbound prospecting efforts with leads and contacts – no matter if they come from trade shows, list uploads, webinar attendees, digital contact interactions and more!

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